Empowering Your Potential as a Mindoa Member

You aggregate all your financial data to get insights with apps like Mint or Personal Capital, your get your migratory patterns and health predispositions with 23andMe, why not get a roadmap for your skills development and performance metrics, and earn crypto to advance your skills with us?
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The Club

We are about human capital enablement. You are intrinsically a person of value as a father, mother, sister, brother, son, daughter…creator, performer, employee, employer. To live is to breathe life into this world and a healthy you contributes to a healthy us and a healthy society.
When you become a Mindoa Member you are first and foremost pledging to a community of human beings who truly want a better life for themselves, their respective communities, and society at large. You want to overcome fear of ostracism, fear of failure, fear of making mistakes, anxiety, loneliness, stress, instability, confusion, deflation, ignorance and have a sense of overall happiness, self-actualization, confidence and connection with your mind, body, and soul. You believe that no human should be marginalized, everyone has purpose, and anyone can create their passion and be rewarded both extrinsically and intrinsically for sharing it with the world! You are driven by peace, harmony, critical thinking, and practical love. This isn’t just about equal opportunity, but equal access, gratitude, and abundance.
We put people first, and when you create a profile, it Grows with You. Meaning that as you use our resources we learn about your skills, interests, and goals. This enables us to make recommendations for applied learning to close skills gaps, match you with other users that can help you start and complete projects, and share your dynamic CV & portfolio of work with shareholders of which you want to showcase to.
You also get integrated into our rewards and token system, so you earn to learn, apply, and share your skills through deliverables! You could pay for your education, your startup or even your home this way! Success of the token is a function of the success of the platform. If you use the platform, you earn more tokens, if you invest in the tokens, you enable the Mindoa platform and the members. It’s a direct feedback loop. Furthermore, thanks to our cybersecurity standards and blockchain technology you own your data and we will not sell your individual data. You’re allowing us to use it for research, but by minting your profile to your wallet, it’s yours and only yours. You’ll see your performance analytics, points, and tokens in your admin dashboard and wallet.

Membership Benefits

Dynamic Portfolio/CV

Digital Asset Management

Invest in Tokens

Brand Investor Network

Software Suite Registry

Performance Analytics Dashboard

Mindoa Resource Access & Updates

Earn Points and Tokens

Earn to Learn

Reward Points

Passive Financial Literacy

DeFi Token Exchange

Empowering Your Potential With Mindoa Members

Be Who You Are. Do What You Love. Find Your Community

Frequently Asked Questions

Right now it is. We want to know you’re interested, and by being an early adopter you get the perks of riding the wave to success.

Absolutely! We know you do more that just invest. You’re a human being with passion, goals, skills, and activities outside of your career title. Come on in!

  • Nope.
  • Right now we have limited seats for our coaching services.
    • If you have an idea for a brand, whether personal or start-up, and need help developing it to a go to market strategy with digital deliverables, Mindoa has your back.
  • If you’re an educational institution, we can analyze your LMS data to give you key insights on performance.
  • If you’re an investor, you can invest in us or in our client brands.
  • Absolutely! Again we’re about people first. So you sign up all of your people as individual members and they can associate themselves with your company.
  • As we roll out our SaaS products you can sign up as an institution and license it to organize, empower, and incentivize your team! We’ll customize the build with your branding, and your users will be pre-registered in the database so on-boarding will be a breeze. 
  • We have strict monitoring standards on our community channels. Our sentiment analysis algorithms will identify red flags, clues that a user will harm themselves or others both directly and indirectly, and tag the profile for a full background check and proper intervention when necessary.
  • We also verify your profile through public record and social media cross-references.

It’s up to you, you can mint it for a fee and your data becomes truly yours. Or keep it off the chain and be a valuable contributor to our human development algorithms. Either way your data is highly secured and is managed by the highest ethical standards. We don’t sell your individual data.

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